BrandBlast & Who We Are

BrandBlast began in late 2013-early 2014 when the need for high quality business-related resources became needed for a previously managed organization (mainly dealing with Personal Development topics) so that we could operate more efficiently, Learn how to market our business, create products and more. We became overwhelmed with the lack of resources available that weren’t in ‘shotty’ quality – un-grouped and you’d be lucky to find more than 1 or 2 from the same person / company.

That’s when it hit us. There was nothing out there quite like what we needed. (…and what we could only imagine other businesses in the same early stage needed, too)

So we set out to learn (and document) everything we possibly could on how to start, grow and manage a business more effectively and get the highest possible results. Which led us to creating BrandBlast. As a solution to help aid other entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere – in creating something great. An organization or business that would operate at the highest level. Generate the most revenue and Create an impact.

And after nearly 3 years in operation; we’ve come to compile one of the largest businesses resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. Easily accessible from anywhere on the planet.

Because inspiration doesn’t have area or zip codes. Your level of opportunity shouldn’t either.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on creating some of the highest quality – most resourceful content to help aid the creation, growth and management of any business. In the form of our Free Blog or our Premium University; always having our sights set on the highest quality content, provable results and the dedication from our team of super-smart folks. we’ve come to provide some of the most frequently used resource collections on the planet.


See; here at BrandBlast we don’t focus on number signs and dollar figures – instead we provide on providing the best content and resources that we possibly can. (this allows us the opportunity to continue creating create content for you!)

Our Mission is to be of the highest quality resource collections and knowledge-bases for creating, growing or managing any business, anywhere. And so far; with the help of our dedicated team of amazing individuals – we’ve come to be one of the largest providers of such content and resources.

(… and of course; a big thanks to you!)

We Hope You Stick Around Awhile

We know every business is different – and the same goes for every entrepreneur; but we truly believe that we have something for everyone. From learning how to come up with a business idea, creating a business plan – all the way to Facebook Marketing and Learning how to leverage YouTube videos for your business… (and everything in between!)

Assuring there’s something for you here!

That’s why we’d like to invite you to stick around for awhile and explore all of the awesome content we have on our Blog (…and our University!)